NEW BABIES, YEAH!!!!!! - I cant believe they are finally here. *PICS*

Eureka Jennifer

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Mar 31, 2009
Eureka, California
Yes ! My 2 month wait is finally over. My very first chickens. They arrived on Thursday (3 full days of traveling) I lost 2 of them to travel stress but the remaining are beautiful. I cant believe how tinie wenie they are. I ordered 4 bantam easter eggers and 4 bantam barred rocks, I lost 2 of the barred rocks. They are burried in our garden with little hand painted headstones.

I love them so much already. Here are a few pictures.... They are sexed bantams, all girls
- let me know if you see something to the contrary.. thanks all !

This is Albert

This is Harvey

This is Bob

This is Gary

This is Otis

This is Steve

Here is where they live now

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