New babies!


8 Years
May 6, 2011
Looked in the nest box this morning when I woke up and Chloe had pulled a bunch of hair out.

She was lounging on the ledge in her cage though so I thought she would wait until tonight. Nope apparently rabbits don't check the calender she's only a day early though and now Momma to 6 beautiful little kits!
She was perfect when I opened the cage to check for dead kits and make sure everyone was healthy and happy in the nest. She just looked down on me from her resting spot like "Okay hard work is over now you take them while I grab a nap." All look like they will be black but most have white markings on them (crossing fingers for a blue). I know they are just going to be pet rabbits but I'm so excited to be having babies in the house again.

And Domino doesn't have a care in the world that he is a new Daddy.
My fiancee was excited too I showed him one kit as he's never seen a rabbit under 6 weeks old before and didn't realize they would be hairless. I will be posting pics asap (need to find the camera transfer cord in all the moving mess

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