new baby chick from science class!


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Mar 26, 2008
hi! we hatched baby chickens in science class and i babysat it over spring break... me and my mother both absolutely fell in love with it<3 and we really want to keep him but theres a few things we have to know first [well the first is just a want to know lol]

1. is it possible to tell wether my baby chickadee is a guy or a girl this early? [was born on march 19th]

2. about how much does chicken food cost? [the kind with the vitamins please! :]

3. if in fact theres a problem were we find that we cant take care of him were can we take him/her? one of the reasons i want to keep him/her is becuase i dont want him/her to end up on a dinner plate! so animal friendly places that wont kill him/her around Alleghany county in pennsylvania :]

4. about how long should i keep him/her inside until getting him/her some sort of coop... and what should i do about winter?

5. [last one! [[for now lol]] i have no idea what breed he/she is! D= is it possible to tell from a picture? [pics below! thanks to marlinchaser :]

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Oct 18, 2007
Quote:would depend on the breed, some breeds yes some breeds you cant tell for quite some time

Quote:50 lb bag of purina Start and Grow is $11 some stores sell 25 lb bags, but those are like $7 (they charge you for the covenience of a small bag)

Quote:There may be, but you would have to search in your immediate area(he would not be safe here) It is best if you have to get rid of him/her to not ask too many questions. You may not get the answer you want to hear

Quote:He/she will need additional heat till fully feathered, which should be about 8-10 weeks of age. There are some that never put thier chickens outside. Mine never come inside(well sometimes but not often)

Quote:Take a picture and download to Photbucket, then you paste the url here.

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