new baby chicks


6 Years
Apr 14, 2013
Hello, fellow egg lovers. I boght three chicks this past weekend. Very new at taking care of baby chicks. I have built a hen house for them but keeping them inside at night due to cold weather. Would love any helpful hints at chick care.
head for the learning center and then branch out from there to whatever interests you
The main thing for me was changing the water, everyday. If you want to reduce it, make sure the food and water are farther away from each other, that way when they do their scratching and what not, it doesn't touch the water. Also. Make sure the water/food container is secure. When the chicks get older, some of them like to sleep on top! XD
Greetings from Kansas, OATMEAL2, and
! Pleased to have you aboard! I agree with drumstick - start at the Learning Center - it will provide answers to most of the questions you have. Good luck to you!

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