New baby chicks!


May 18, 2015
Hi all! So yesterday I purchased six new babies from a local store, they are ameraucanas and super precious! It's been about 15 years since we've had chickens so I'm just getting things all figured out. I live in MA and days here right now aren't so bad and for now they will be inside but all they are in is a large box with news paper and pine shavings with food and water in proper dishes (I have brought them outside for 20 minutes a few times during these two days and they love it!!) My boyfriend seems to think a heat lamp is unnecessary because soon they will be outside without one. Is this horrible or is he right?! They are just so cute and I've spent the past two days talking and sitting with them but they are very vocal and if hate for them to be uncomfortable. They aren't huddling or anything and at the moment their mostly doing their own thing.


I've purchased a 250 watt heat lamp but it smells bad so I unplugged it imeadently and personally I think 250 is a bit over kill! Any info from anyone is greatly appreciated but all you in MA I'd love some tips for weather and such!!! Thanks!
WOWZA they are cute!!!! As i have read and was told....... Baby chickens need a heat source of 95 degrees for the first week of life at all times. The second week 90, the third 85, the fourth 80, and so on and so forth until they are down to the normal temperature. Keep in mind they might not stay under the heat source the whole time. If they are too hot they will walk away and cool off. Keep in mind if the day time temp is 85 but at night its 65 you will still need the heat until they are almost 2 months old.

Use a thermometer to check! Depending on how hot or cool it is at their height either raise or lower the lamp.

Hope this helps. definitely keep those babies warm!
Maybe the light bulb is too high a wattage for the lamp base. Does it screw into a ceramic base? When things start to smell funny, I always think of fire hazard especially when birds on are newspaper or other very flammable material. You also want a heat lamp supported securely in at least two ways and a bulb guard so chicks don't get burned by coming near it.
Good morning, welcome to BYC!

Your chicks are very cute, it sounds as though you are enjoying them

Using this link you will be able to find your state thread:

@stasichick and @drumstick diva have given you good advice, hope that answers your questions. If you need help, feel free to ask.

Good luck to you with your new flock!

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