new baby with something wrong with its legs

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chick had curled toes on both feet and could only sit and walk on her hocks. With the boots, she was walking within a few hours, and now, at 4 months old, she gets around just like everybody else.

ETA: We took the boots off after about three days. A couple of her toes are still crooked, but she has walked, run, scratched and perched just fine ever since that third day. Some people leave the boots on for a week or so. Just remember, you'll have to change them every couple of days or so because they get feed stuck between the toes and the cardboard.
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I have a Silkie. She and the rest of the flock are 4 weeks old. She is the smallest one in the flock ,however she gets/takes the biggest bite out of a piece of banana and uses her size to scoot between her towering brood mates. I noticed she waddles a bit I looked at her to see if anything different or odd about feet. or legs legs I do not see anything. She poops and breathes fine.She is the only waddler. It is a mystery to me why she is waddling and as I indicated she moves quickly when she wants/needs to as I see everyday. I do notice she is the first to lie down for the naps /rest they take day and night.
I am trying to hold her next to my heart to give her comfort . I do not know if she hurts.............. A little extra lovin and attention is good for all of them. She still shakes a bit when I hold her in my hand ,she calms a bit when she listens to me talk to her in soft tones , but goes back to being scared again. I take her out first before the others at cleaning and socializing times as some of the Silkies "3" to be exact go in their "do not eat me mode" . My movements are not swift . I do know that occasionally the shadow of me scares them. I figure this: I only had them a month and we are moving along ,getting to know each other and hopefully learning to trust me. Does anyone have a waddler like my Little Papaya or perhaps know what she is exhibiting?
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im sorry i have no clue this is the first time i have had any one hatch with any thing wrong with them. i do have boots on it but as far as the spraddle leg i tried some gauze but it may be too much ...good luck with your baby

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