New bantam adjusting to the yard (pecking order problem)


7 Years
May 28, 2012
I'm new here. We have two hens (Barred Plymouth Rock and Americauna) given to us a few months ago. They are fully grown, more mature birds (a couple of years old). They have a definite pecking order, but get along well enough. Several days ago, we bought a bantum hen, about a year old, from a local nursery. She is having a hard time settling in. The other birds will not really leave her alone and I find her hiding under tarps, wedged into corners, under the lumber pile, etc. The other birds are not letting her in the coop at night and she is nesting on the ground nearby. (We let her sleep in a box in the basement last night). What should we do? I can build a separate small coop for her, fence off a separate yard, etc. Or is this just part of the settling in process? If I put her in a separate space, will she be lonely and need a friend? Any thoughts?
Thank you.
Separation is in order. If you can give a part of the coop with a wire barrier would be good. The Idea is to get to tow hens used to the existence of the bantam and her right to live with them. After a week let them mingle under supervision. After a few days of mingling if they are at least tolerating her You can take away the barrier and see how it goes.
Thank you. I fenced off a separate part of the yard for the bantum, with a makeshift shelter.

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