new batch..join me!


7 Years
May 12, 2012
Sequim, Washington
I just started a new batch today! 21 eggs! was only going to do 17, but just went out and there were 4 just I put them in too!
Why not! anyone else starting a new batch today???? Also does anyone know when you can start giving a chic regular food? Like greens and chicken scratch?
I put 28 eggs in one of my home made incubators incubating for a friend an hour ego so we go together
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As i said i am incubating for a friend today i found out that 2 eggs were cracked so i replace them with 2 of my own and mark them so that i give them the extra day
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I added 2 this morning too! I turn them myself so I put the date I started them on one side and an x on the other! So now I have 23 I doubt will hatch because it is 2 weeks old before I put it in, but my boyfriend really wanted me to try because it is more then twice the size of an normal egg!
I incubated successfully 2 weeks old eggs many times the size is what i see as probable problem big size eggs have low hatch rate and it may be an egg with 2 yolks so it will not hatch
I would love to join in. I just put 18 eggs in the incubator today for my first batch ever. I sure hope at least a few will hatch. It's going to be a long 21 days.
welcome on board! This is my 3rd! I am still learning! The 3 weeks goes fast and its so exciting when they start hatching! I'm like addicted to this! This site is great!
Thanks shardean. I'm a bit nervous about the whole process. I can't tell you how many times already I have checked the bator temp and humidity. Maybe after a few days I will relax and just wait for the excitement at the end.
I have a staggerd hatch, I set 15 eggs today and 10--- two days ago!!! So excited, it's my first hatch in THREE YEARS!!!! Some frizzles, Cochins, dom's, polish, silkies, D'uccles, seabrights, Sussex, Wyndottes and Silver Penciled OEGB! I have a couple more breeds but I lost track... I blame chicken math.

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