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Sep 24, 2019
Hello from sunny California
About a 3 months ago, our rooster flew off to the neighbors to find a new hen because our old one died . We went and got him back and also got a hen or two from the neighbor. Well we have so many new chicks and a lot of roosters too. The original rooster was a deal from a friend. A supposedly fighting cock, very beautiful rooster. Now we have about 6 of his his sons and we are trying to sell them before they get too aggressive. What to do! How much to charge, etc.
Might have to be where you are give them away try craigs list and post at your local feed store 5 or 10 would be great might even be a poultry auction close by
but Welcome to Backyard Chickens it is a wonderful site to explore and big California group here Forums where am I where are you and the state

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