New Birds! but what are they again?!

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by WaterFarm1234, Nov 11, 2015.

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    ok people. I have no idea how you all know so much about chickens, but I really hope to learn a little from this site. I got my first dozen a few months ago which the first hen was from.... I was told she was an areacana (sp) but she doesn't look like it at all! The rest I just got from a neighbor and have no idea what they are, If you guys could let me know breed and egg color I would be MOST appreciative!

    Oh and I know the one rooster is a wyandotte but not sure about the second. Cool. Thanks guys!





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    The first bird is an Easter egger. They're often mistakenly sold as Americana or Aracauna, but they don't meet the basic standards for either breed.
    Second bird looks like a crested Cream Legbar mix.
    Third bird could also be a CCL mix, or with that comb possibly a Polish mix. Is her comb V shaped, or just a wavy straight comb? Mixed with what, no idea, sorry.
    Fourth bird also a CCL mix, or a poorly bred CCL.
    I think your roosters are a CCL mix and a silver laced Wyandotte.
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