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8 Years
May 25, 2011
Hey y'all. I'm new to this chicken thing. My daughter had an experiment in her "Agri_Science" class this year. All the students learned how to candle (donated from a farm) eggs and then carefully using a needle and syringe, they inject the embryos with dye. Then they put the eggs in an incubator and waited to see what happened. Needless to say, we ended up with a Blue Chicken. She is the most beautiful chicken I have ever seen, of course I am very partial to her even in her 8 short days here with us. She's only 11 days old as it is. The teacher sent home some starter feed and that's it. No instructions on how to be a chicken mama or anything. I've come to realize that chickens are born knowing how to be chickens. Blue chicken shows me what she wants, it's getting easier to understand now. She nuzzles under my hand or snuggles next to me when she wants to sleep, (screams/cries) cheeps if she starts missing us, or just wants to be held. It almost sounds like she's laughing if we go to her box and check on her, she notices everything and won't let you leave without hold her or touching her!!! I love that little baby, OMG! And this site helped us get her to 11 days old so far. Reading all the forums have really helped us tremendously. BTW, my daughter is in her freshman year of High School, and she won the Award Of Excellence in Agri-Science class this year! Now to figure out what kind of chicken Blue Chicken is!!! Well that's about it, I just wanted to kind of open up the lines of communication and say hey! Thanks for reading! Have a clucky day!
Welcome to the forum and congratulations to your daughter for her Award Of Excellence.

I'm glad you're reading all the forums; you'll find a wealth of info here.
I'm sure you already checked out the Raising Baby Chicks page and have read about the care and feeding of baby chicks.

Also, chicks do way better when they are not the lone chick, so if it's possible for you to get maybe two more, that'd be best. CraigsList is a good resource for finding chicks.

Have fun and welcome, again, to the forum!!

ditto on the advice to get her some company if possible. One of my friends did raise a single chicken successfully, but it was only that one try out of many
I'm glad you are enjoying your chicken experience so far. Did other kids in the class also take home some hatched chicks. If so your daughter may want to check with them to find out if they are truly motivated to raise the chick into adulthood. If not, that may be one way to find blue chick a companion or two.

Welcome to BYC forums and the whole chicken experience. Once you have 10 posts you can upload a pic of blue chick.

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