New BYC member but a 6 year old Chicken Tender


Dec 29, 2019
Hello all! I’m a six year chicken tender that started out with 6 RIR hens in my back yard in the city and a prefab coop. It was my husbands idea... Then after a few years we decided we needed to get out of the city and found a place with a population on the Google of 73 but we maybe only see 10 people...

With more space we added some Leghorns and Goldstars when we moved and quickly realized we needed a bigger coop.
To date I’ve built a SECOND HUGE coop myself and now have 50 chickens and just hatched my first chicks in the last week ever! (My husbands idea became MY hobby.):idunno
I have Polish, Silkie, Cochins, Mottled Houdan, Gold and silver lace Wyandotte, Orpington, Gold Sebrights, Old English, Welsummer, Australorp, barnavelder and just hatched olive eggers... and ordered Cream Legbar this morning from an official breeder. I’ve got it BAD :barnie

I started mealworm farming in January that is very successful, grow barley fodder in winter for my chickens and love to garden!!

:caf Every time I search for anything chicken related I need help with, BYC site returns the most results and has the most helpful information ... So I joined:yesss:. I only searched through BYC site for years :oops: but recently started contributing as I am now more comfortable in my chicken skills.:old

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