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Jul 25, 2021
Whitney, Texas
This is my second year raising chickens. I started beekeeping and was told that chickens are good for keeping hive beetles is check. Bought a cheep coop at SAMs and converted a dog run into a chicken run and got 5 Easter Egger chicks, The first year I tried to let them free range around my hives, after loosing two too hawks, I had to confine them to the run. This spring I bought 10 more which meant building a bigger coop and run. I had no idea I would get attached to them so easily. A few like to be held and enjoy sitting in your lap to be petted, the others don't want to be bothered unless I have a treat.

I live just outside Whitney, Texas on 6 acres. I work at Alcon Laboratories in Ft. Worth as a compounder ( I mix the chemicals for different eye drops) and my wife has an accounting practice in down town Whitney. We have identical twin boys that are grown and have families of their own which means we have two granddaughters with one more on the way and three grandsons.

I found BYC as a result of searching different chicken raising questions which seem to lead back to BYC discussions that had the answer, I decided to skip the Google middle man and go straight to the source. I still have some questions but will look through previous threads to see if they have already been answered.

Look forward to some great discussions,

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