New Chapter in our life and could use some prayer


12 Years
May 11, 2009
Kentucky, Cecilia
Well I just finished a picture web page to help us sell our house. The house goes on the market tomorrow. We have spent the last year renovating it. Now its time to sell it and move on to the next chapter. Nervous as can be I swear.

We have already made the move out to my parents farm where we will be building our house. And I do mean we will be building. The plan is to build the house ourselves and also do it mortgage free. See why I am nervous. Its such a huge step away from what is normal I think. Most of his family has decided we are insane. My family has thought that for years. ( right after we decided 2 kids just were not enough )

We have the plans drawn out. Earth sheltered on 3 sides first floor with a barn roof on top. I want stone facade on the exposed side of the main floor and I am seriously studying metal roofing options. Its exciting and scary at the same time. I wish I knew if this were the right thing to do. The house we are selling is really becoming a beautiful home. We have put so much time into it. I pray and pray and pray for guidance but I am getting no definite answers back. I would love some word for word instructions on what to do and what to expect but I am pretty sure he is saying no to that request. It feels everything pushes us in this direction and obstacles fly out of the way but its such a huge step.

Do you realize we will be essentially homeless for almost a year. Maybe I am a bit more insane that I thought. At any rate I do not think there are enough hours in the day to get in all the prayer I think this change will need. I am facing some uncertainty about some a health test ( pulmonary nodules), finishing this move, selling this house, building another house, 4 kids, homeschooling, and older parents that seem to face more and more problems. It weighs on me sometimes till I feel like I will break. I think you guys might have seen me break on here a few times. The toll stress can take on a persons health is scary and I have too much stress I cannot seem to let go of. Just keep me in mind when you pray if you can. I am praying I see a new house built and happy healthy kids and parents at the end of this path.
I will keep you in my prayers. Your request was unfortunately posted the same night a beloved BYC'er past away. I hope your request doesn't get buried!
It sounds like you have a very good plan in place. I feel that you will be fine with your future. What you have outlined is very reasonable. The only place I think will possibly difficult is the selling of your current house. It is a rough time for selling real estate. But if you have a place near your parents, and a way of accomplishing the building of your new home then it will happen. And i can't think of anything better than having a new home that is paid for. Also as long as you have a good relationship with your parents, I can't see how you will ever regret being with them in the autumn of their lives.

So here is the prayers for your health, and confidence that things will work out it was purposed to be. I wish you success in every thing that you and your family set out to do.
HeatherLynn... Home is where the heart is! You will not be homeless.

A house is made of brick and stone,
A home is made of love alone.

Prayers and

Please don't think you're the only people that have ever done this! Keep in mind that people do the same thing all the time. My in-laws lived in a run-down trailer until they finished building their house. And they built it themselves too - sawed their own lumber and everything. A lot of people also just get the basement built and live in that for awhile until they have the time/money to build the rest of the house.

Everything will work out, and you're not crazy, I promise!
Some people are just SO cool !

If I was going to build again, I would totally go with an
underground house. That would be my ideal home.

(anyone else here live in one? are they as easy to heat/cool
as we would think? Maintance free? Bring underground...out
of site...what are the land taxes?)

Top it off with getting to move back in with your elderly parents
while you homeschool your own children.

What an exciting opportunity!!!

And I wish you luck in selling your present home.
Goood for you! More should travel to the beat of their own drum. Things will work out, and you will have been part of creating your own dream. Congratulations on the courage to make your own way.

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