New Chick Chirping-Free Range?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Drezsmum, May 8, 2011.

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    May 8, 2011
    Hi there!

    I am a new chicken mama of about 2 weeks. Currently we have 3 chicks in a brooder in our bedroom, we are building a large a-frame coop by the end of the month. We have a 1 week old Aracauna, 3 week old Barred Rock, 3 week old Cinnamon Queen and a 4 week old Black Cochin. We orginally bought the barred rock and cinnamon from the same clutch at our local feed store. After a few days, we went to a local farm and fell in love with the aracauna as well as the cochin. We brought the aracauna home and a few days later went back for the cochin. We brought the cochin home from the alpaca/chicken farm this afternoon.

    At the farm the owner hatches the eggs in the incubator, then they go in a brooder box for a week or so, and then in a big tub on his screened in porch until they are 3-4 weeks in which they are turned loose alongside the 5-7 week old chickens. They do fine, no attacks, the different ages kind of keep in their own group. They are allowed to free range all day, and at night they willingly flock into their own coop with the rest. We only have a brooder, and live closer to the city, so until the chicks are used to their coop we will not freerange and all of them will be locked in the coop at night for their own protection.

    I brought the cochin home, put her in the brooder and she was fine. Got along with the other chicks, no issues. After a couple hours, I cleaned the cage (new food and water, clean hay and blanket) and put all of them back inside. At this time, the cochin has started NON STOP chirping. EXTREMELY loud. It kept looking up at the top of the brooder, so I figured maybe it didn't like that it couldnt see out. So I put it in the rabbit cage with open sides and turned the lights off. Its still in there chirping. Is cochin going to do this until shes moved to a coop? Should I take her back to the farm until I have the coop built? Is this a normal adjustment thing for an older chick? Either way, its driving me CRAZY.

    Suggestions? Help?

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    Sounds like the chick is cold. What are you keeping the temp. in the brooder at?

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