New chick from Down Under!


7 Years
Nov 7, 2012
Greetings all! I'm from Melbourne, Australia. The coop is currently home to three magnificent hens, two Wellsummers (Miss Bollinger and Miss Andrews) and a Barnevelder (Berenice). At the moment, I'm eager for advice about my Barnevelder, who's not yet laid despite being 8 months old! Hoping there's some wisdom that can come my way!
Welocme to BYC. I'm in Sydney with 4 chooks - one is a Barnevelder and I am relaibly informed she will be last of my four to lay. They apparently are well known to be late starting. However, they will thereafter be one of the first to come back into lay after the winter months. So there is some consolation. Mine are all onyl 21 weeks old so no eggs yet - theough the Rhode Island Red is looking close to it. It's hard staying patient, isn't it! At least the Barnevelders are very pretty.

Mine are
Beetle the Australorp
Ladybird the RIR
Sylvia the Silver Campine
Barnie the Barenvelder

Good luck with your egg wait!
Greetings Triviata, and
! Super to have you here! I know nothing about Barnevelders so I won't be of much help. Are the others laying well? You might check out some of the other forums on BYC - like the Chicken Behaviors and Egg Laying thread. Also, there is a thread I'm sure dedicated to Barnevelders that might be worth checking out over on the Chicken Breeds forum. You might get some more precise advice there. Good luck to you!
Hi! I am also in Melbourne and it's great to have you on BYC. I have found this site to be really helpful with amazing tips and shared experiences. I have had a few failures and am still waiting on getting one good egg!!! but it appears that I'm not in it for the eggs... I love my little girls! Only two now after losing many along the way. An ISA brown and the fluffiest white silkie hen you ever did see... I feel there's an egg coming on any day now!!! Good luck and enjoy the journey.

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