New Chick in Utah!!!


11 Years
Mar 10, 2011
I am SOOO new to the whole chick thing, it isn't even funny...BUT I am having a blast with my little chickie babies and learning a ton as I go! I LOVE this site. My husband and I have found SO much useful info from what chicken poop is supposed to look like to how we want to build our coop! I was just diagnosed with Lupus and can't have kids of my own so I am enjoying my step-kids and taking up chickens to keep me busier than I already am with 2 step-kids, 2 dogs, 1 crazy husband and now 8...yes 8 chickens! I started with 4...then went back 2 days later and got 2 more...and then 2 more the very next day! I thought my husband was going to KILL me! Instead he insisted on naming them! hahaha I am kinda bummed cause I think I have at least 2 Roos in my bunch! I will be posting pics soon to seev what people think! So...UTAH! I hae NO idea how many chickens I am allowed to have in Ro,y Utah but friends who have chickens say as many as you want until you get caught! lol Maybe that's why I couldn't stop at 4! Come on all you Utah people, tell me how you raise your chicks and how easy/hard it has been with neighbors! Thanks a ton!!! XoXoXoXo

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