new chick lover!


Apr 28, 2015
Hi everyone! Just wanted to say a quick hello! Just got 8 chick's a week and a half ago that were 4 days old...mmy first ever. Loving this site!
Hello there and welcome to BYC!

Congrats on the new chicks! This is the place to be for all the fun and learning.

If you have any questions about your chicks, feel free to ask around the forums.

Enjoy your new babies and welcome to our flock!
Welcome! You definitely came to the right place! This site is FULL of great information and so many people to help you with any questions or concerns. Good luck with your babies!
I'm not able to, or can not figure out how to add pictures but I got the chicks at TSC and they were labeled "pullets" and "reds" so I don't even know how to determine breeds..any suggestions? I know the "pullets" are females and I think at least 2 of the others are too but they were not sexed..
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Hi and welcome to our flock!

So glad you could join BYC! Congratulations on the beginning of your chicken adventures. Bringing home new baby chicks can be so exciting! If you want to find out what breeds you have, I suggest posting in the What Breed or Gender Is This section: What Breed Or Gender is This? Many members on here (including me) will be happy to help you out. I believe that you need a certain number of posts (10?) before you can post photos.

Good luck with your chicks and welcome to our community! If you have any questions regarding your chicks, feel free to ask. We'll be happy to help.
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