New chick on the block


pippin ain't easy
9 Years
Feb 27, 2010
Foothills of NC
Just want to say hello and introduce myself to all the other hens and roos. We have a small farm in the foothills on NC. We are just getting started with our chickens and have chosen to raise orps. I love my orps! We have a small flock for now but looking to grow it. This forum has been very helpful for me on many occasions already so I figured I would join rather than just lurk.
I have a wonderful husband who helps out tramendously around the farm, I am mother of two and one of those being a newborn (who likes to cut my computer time short, lol). We also raise and show paint horses having a total of 5. We have three dogs, a rottie, mini aussie & min. schnauzer (the old man), and two barn cats- one is a mouser and one is a "guard cat" and one corn snake that is 13 years old.

Look forward to learing much more from eveyone and meeting some great new "birds"! Have a wonderful day.

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