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    Mar 5, 2009
    we have hatched 3 chicks about a week ago and today we had to help a rhode island out of the egg but we are concerned that it is not quite right. It seems to have a sac attached ( either a growth or the yolk) it seems to be moving a bit more but we are concerned that somethng is wrong .. When we helped to hatch our marans it seemed that the membrane dried out to much due to the heat inthe bator ... can anyone shed light on this growth / yolk sac ???we are very new to this and are worried we have jumped the gun !!
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    How long had the chick been trying to hatch itself? They can take up to 24 hours once they pip(crack the shell). If you took him out of the shell before then then it is probably the egg yolk. Chicks are supposed to absorb the remaining yolk into their abdomen when hatching--this is why it's important to not help them unless it's been way too long. Are the Marans in the same bator as the RIR? If they are they probably dried out cause you opened it and let out too much humidity. I know it's hard and little chicks will make a lot of noise like they are struggling to get out but it's usually best to let them be.
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