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Apr 28, 2013
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I have only laid out the plans for my backyard coop which includes chunnels... haven't built it yet nor do I have any hens yet...I want to ensure everything is ready first & that I've done all my homework. Chickens only recently became allowable in my city. .. and there's a sunset clause in the approval, so I'm gathering info & trying to get a small flock (I'm thinking 4 hens) established in the next couple of months.
Greetings from Kansas, virtuerchick, and
! Great to have you aboard! BYC is a great place for the research you need to do! Best of luck and enjoy your flock!
:welcome   what's a sunset clause?   Something like  a closing date - where no new chicken people will be allowed to participate??

The sunset clause states that they will allow all willing residents to have a small flock... and the city council will review the ordinance at a pre-decided length of time (9 months for us). Those who obtain a flock prior to that date will be safe in the event they reverse approval for backyard chickens. If we wait, however, & city council rescinds approval, we wouldn't be able to get a flock unless & until the ordinance is changed in the future.

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