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Jan 11, 2008
Here is a new Nesting Box that we just got in from BEC. The great thing about this Nest Box is that you can add boxes as you go. Take a look at the video and you will see the advantages.

Let me know if anyone has any questions about this product or has used them and has suggestions.

Chick Box Nest Box - Click Here

Chick Box Nest Box Video - Click Here

yeah, that price is definitely prohibitive for SURE. yikes! I've noticed that a great deal of the posts on here are people trying to be frugal and finding materials for free or cheap. It's interesting how people can build coops out of scrap materials or do a fantastic job of cutting down the costs. I think this board is awesome because it shows how we can build or work with practically nothing. People are creative and have ingenious ideas to save a dollar. So, I'm thinking as nice as that nest box is... it will likely be a slow seller in this slow economy. But, that's JMO.
I'd love to know if someone has one and if they thought it was totally worth the money.
BUT ... BUT ... BUT it is already 7 dollars off and if you get 2 of them you can save another 10 dollars.

Well ... yes it is still pricey. Cool but pricey.
Looking at it again and wondering what those pointy comb-like things are on the front sides? They look like they are poised to poke at any chicken that gets to near????
I gave those a pretty good look over a few months back. They are designed to fit in the same space an older nest box goes and either fasten to the same studs or you can put up a bar. Take a look at the video.

the comb things are snap spots for the perch to be swung up and out of the way while getting the eggs out. the reason there are more than one snap spot is the hieght of the front is adjustable in I believe half inch increments.

forgetting the 58.00 cost for a moment and looking at the design here is what I like about it:

1. that fold up perch would be an excellent way to lock in or out chickens. If you had a broody you could lock her in and conceivably move her and nest all in one to a new location.

2. Plastic gets hot because there is no air circulation but there are vent holes in the back.

3. Sterilizeable.

4. Modular you can put them together to make a bank.

5. convertible to a front roll out which can be added later.

All that being said even with all the things I like about it even high the cost is not so bad if you compare it to the Kuhl two hole nest boxes from the same site. They are 159.00. Thats 80 bucks per nest.

Anyone with decent carpentry skills could make an equivalent even down to the fold up perch and modular design..... it would just take a little planning.

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