New Chicken Doody


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8 Years
Dec 29, 2011
Hi All-
I have 4 new 'teenagers'...about 3 months old. I still have them on Nutrena Chick Starter. I noticed in their coop, some runny poop and some solid poop. I also noticed some pinkish or red (blood??) tinged slimy poop. Is this normal? These are my first birds and I have only had them about 10 days...
AM wondering if they are just getting used to their new home...having a bit of stress??
Occasionally, my (little) dogs will bark at them thru the fence, but I try to shoo them away from the hens if I catch the dogs barking at them.

Any info is appreciated. They seem to be eating and drinking normally and not fighting or doing any out of the ordinary behavior.
I do try to visit them every day and have already cleaned their coop, so it is clean.


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