New Chicken/Duck mom


Sep 7, 2019
Hey Guys I'm Casey and this is my first year being a chicken and duck mom. I have 12 R.I. Reds and 2 Pekin ducks. So far they are doing wonderful and I am having a great experience ( thanks to a lot of things I read on here ) now that they are all almost grown and winter is approaching i was wondering if any one who lives in a cold climate like I do ( N.H. ) had some advice for a newby that wants to make sure my girls are all set for the winter. Thank you in advance!
Hello, Casey, and welcome to BYC! :frow Glad you joined.
I'm in upstate NY. Is that cold enough?
You want to provide a winterized run with thick bedding and a very well ventilated, DRY coop with draft free roosting space.
Offering electrolytes in the water on bitter cold days helps them get through.
Make sure they always go to roost with a very full crop.

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