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Aug 25, 2011
Good afternoon! I've been a site-stalker to Backyard Chicken for about three months now and love it. Finally decided I've read enough to be just a little dangerous, so am now joining the site. This spring, I was lucky enough to inherit 6 three year-old chickens from a friend, and in May I went overboard and purchased 3 cochins, 1 silky, 12 leghorns, 6 French guinea hens, and 5 RIR's. In all of the excitement, my husband got onboard and bought 25 meat bird chicks and I'm in over my head. We started with the Rubbermaid black feeder troughs with warming lights, then graduated to a fenced-in run with several wooden "hutches", and now we're about halfway finished with the final 8" X 20" coop.

We've already "processed" the meat birds (mmmmmmmm!), and have lost four of the six inherited birds and two of the egg-layers. Sadly, I believe I'm in the process of losing one of my cochins, but that's addressed in another thread already.

Have always lived in the suburbs, but last fall bought a farm house and five acres in the country - hence - we decided to start our farming adventure with chickens. We also have four dogs, three kittens, one young adult child still at home, and a nutty mother-in-law. For many years I've been an active bagpiper with two local bands, but recently realized that I like chicken-raising far more than bagpiping. The pipes are now far back in the attic. I work from home as an online business instructor, so have ample time to devote to my flock.

Great to "meet" ya'll!
Hey Piper! Welcome from Ohio!

Sounds like you guys jumped in with both feet! Wow, chickens and now a farm house with acreage.......Wonderful!

Take care and so glad you joined,

Welcome to one newbie from another!


I wish I had more time in the day to read all of the great information here! There definitely is a lot!

redsosx wrote: welcome-byc from Kansas, Piper! Glad you joined the flock! celebrate Sounds like you folks went "whole hog" on the poultry! I've never met anyone who played the bagpipes! wee
1. Love the sox!
2. Funny - hubby's next adventure is hogs - but I'm holdin' my ground on that one!
Thx for the comments:)

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