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Mar 16, 2008
I have four hens. Two Longhorns and two Red Stars. A friend had two chicks that they couldn't keep anymore. We took them in. The chicks are 13 weeks old. The pecking order has started and it's making the two chicks very fearful. Should we isolate the new girls or will things eventually change? Would appreciate any help.. THANKS!
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If it is just pecking order issues and no blood is being drawn, I'd leave them alone. They will work it out. The 13 week olds are still immature and unsure of themselves so they will be at the bottom of the pecking order. Once they reach maturity, the pecking order may change.

One thing I would look out for is to see that they are eating and drinking. Sometimes the dominant chickens will keep the ones at the low end of the pecking order from eating or drinking. Having separate feeding and watering stations can help with that and can also keep down general conflicts.

This thread discusses flock integration and has some good links. It may be helpful.

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