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May 25, 2012
Northern California
A quick howdy to everyone on the forum. I've been reading up for several weeks here, and thank goodness for this place. I made the leap to join today as I came home with my day old peeps. Gosh is there anything cuter?

In my city I'm only allowed 3 hens, so my mini-flock consists of a Buff Orpington, Light Brahma and an Ameraucana (sp?) I really wanted a Blk Australorp, but the feed store didn't get any in today.

2 of th 3 girls seem to be doing just fine, but a little worried about the orpington, will post about that in the appropriate forum.

I'm also a mom to 4 kids, and it has been hecka hard keeping them away from those chicks!

Lookin forward to getting to know everyone~
good luck with your chicks.

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