New chicken obsessor from Northwest OHIO


7 Years
May 26, 2012
Hicksville, OH
My name is Chris and I am from Northwest Ohio just inside the state line from Indiana.

I have been playing with the idea of owning chickens for a couple years and have been obsessively collecting information for the past couple months. I am in the process of building my chicken coop from pallets (pictures coming soon) and I plan on raising buckeye chickens.

I will order 25 and try to keep about that many around. I want to be strictly Buckeye chickens but with all these people around me offering me FREE chickens.... I might have to take them up on it and have multiple chicken coops. (against my wife's wishes

I am a wrestling coach and an accountant. I have two dogs with one a Soft Coated Weaten Terrier who will hopefully be the gardian of the chickens (he is still a pup). I accidently found BYC when I was looking for chicken coop plans and now I come here every other day as new questions arise. This will be more of a hobby than a means of supplamenting my family but I hope to provide eggs and meat for my family of three.

-Chris "Sticks" Combs
Hello and welcome to BYC! Feel free to ask any questions you have. We're here to help.
Welcome to BYC!! Be sure to check out the American Buckeye Club, there are MANY great people there that can answer any "buckeye" questions - or any other questions you might have as well! There is also a list of breeders and several great tips and tricks. Check out the following links and their facebook page!

Have fun with your buckeyes, I know I LOVE mine!

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