New Chicken owner Help with coop please


9 Years
May 20, 2012
Well I just became a chicken owner :) I got 6 laying hens. I havent got anything set up for them as of right now, I need help with options on cheap builds. I dont wanna spend an arm and a leg, I realize I may have to but can anyone please tell me if there is a easy cost effective way to build a nice coop? vThanks so much
Depending on where you live the Purina coop isn't too expensive but rather small (4x4). I live in Texas so it's warm here and they aren't confined to in bad weather and houses my six ok with a run. Colder climates you may want something bigger if they are going to be locked in for periods. And
. Lot's of good info here.
We just built the Purina Coop, 4x4. I had 6 chicks, but 3 of them have turned out to be roosters so 1 has found a new home and I am downto 5. I live in Virginia and the materials for the coop cost about $250 at Lowes. This was everything except the paint.. We intend to build a run, but the coop sits inside a chain-link fence which will protect against large predators (like dogs). I just put the chickens in the coop last week, and they are about 7 weeks old now so not full grown, but pretty good size.
We went pretty much by the plan, except did not use the clear corragated roofing. I wish we had now, because after seeing exactly what the plan meant, it would have been easier than adding a window, which I will now need to do because it is pretty dark in there!
But the coop was pretty simple, once we figured it out. Still have to put the nest box in, so will do that in a week or two.
We did add two extra vents ( I think they were about $2 each).
Pictures on my page 6chicks4usPage.

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