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    Sep 29, 2013
    Hi My name is Sylvia. I started 3 years ago with 4 hens. I recently lost 2, one to a liver disease the other to ovarian cancer. The loss was very hard for me. I have sweet pea and Suki left. Sweet pea an Aricauna weighs 5 lbs, Suki a spotted Sussex weighs 13 lbs.
    I took them both to the vets for a check up after losing the other 2. They are healthy. The Sussex is huge but not all fat. They are so attached to one another I worry if one dies do I try to find another 3 year old hen so the one is not alone? I don't want to start another flock till these have lived out there lives as I'm afraid of fighting between old and new. But I think one chicken would be so lonely. Yes I'm a bit nuts too but these chickens have special meaning to me. I thank you for your time.
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    I would wait until you lose one, than add one or more. At that point the remaining bird will want some company.
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    I would get a couple of chicks, maybe 3. Fence so that the older ones can see them, but not peck them, then after a couple of weeks, before they get real big, do a one way gate, where the chicks can come out, but if the big girls get too much, they can escape back into a safe zone.

    Chicks are fun, will liven up the whole flock.

    Mrs K

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