New Chickens Aggresive


7 Years
Oct 31, 2012
I've taken on two full grown miniature silkies from a neighbor that can no longer keep them. I put them in the coop last night with my three nine week old bantams because I didn't have an extra enclosure available on short notice to introduce them through wire first. One of the new silkies is obviously trying to establish her place on top of the pecking order, but she's being very aggressive towards the bantams, cornering them in the run and she hasn't let them get near the food at all (I've now put an extra feeder in!)
I know this is going to happen, but is there anyway i can help to make it a little less aggressive? my poor chicks are in a panic!
I'm not sure what else you can do since you can't separate them. Putting in an additional feeder was a good idea. Hopefully they'll settle down at the top of the flock in a day or two.
That's tough.. Are you 9 week old around the same size as you silkies? Do the silkies roost? I had Cochin's that didn't and the others roosted to keep distance from them as they were meanies. Sometimes a few straw bales or milk crates can provide relief as out of sight out of mind theory.

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