New Chickens / low egg count


5 Years
Sep 29, 2014
We started out with 10 hens (4 Barred Rocks, 5 Leghorns, and 1 Black Wyandotte) that were hatched late January/early Feb. of this year. For the past couple of months we are been getting 8-10 eggs/day. We went and bought 8 Production Reds a few weeks ago that were 6 months old that had starting laying a few weeks before we picked them up. We put them straight in with our original 10 since then we have only been getting around 7-9 eggs / day. When will the Production Reds start laying again and when will our original girls get back up to their peak again?

When they all get over the stress of the changes. Even though they're still young, enough stress can even induce molt.
I take your post to mean that you didn't quarantine the new birds.
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No we didn't quarantine the new chickens. We bought them off a place that we felt really comfortable with. They had clean nice healthy chickens. But from what I have read we probably should of. It took 2-3 days to get their pecking order sorted out and there was never any nasty fighting or wounds.

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