New chickens very nervous and scared and one has a bald spot by tail feathers!


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Mar 16, 2014
I just got 4 speckled Sussex that just are starting to lay eggs and I put them in my coop. They have been in there all day but are very noisy and frightened, is that normal? How long should I keep them in there and when can I hold them to get to know them? Please help! Also one has a bald spot above its tail feathers on its back and I don't know what it's from. What should I do? Please helpppp! Also will this moving stop them from laying eggs for a little while? Please any information is helpful
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You can leave them in there for a week or two if you have a large area they will be free ranging in. You need to get them used to laying in the coop. If they will be going out to a small run, you can let them out now.

They may stop laying eggs from the stress- that would be normal.

Since these chickens are new to you, carefully inspect for mites and lice. If you find any bugs on them, dust with poultry dust from the feed store and repeat in 7 days for mites, and again at 14 days for lice. The bald spot could be from mites, feather picking, rooster attentions, etc.

I would give them a dust bath made from sand and DE (feed grade), that you keep dry, to keep mites away. You can use cold woodstove ashes as well that are completely old without sparks (sparks can linger for a month I have read). A small concrete mixing tub works well.
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Thank you for your reply! How long until they will lay eggs do you think? And I have a temporary run for them while I build there main one so is that alright to keep them in? Should I help them in when it gets dark and maybe even put them on there roosts? I'm new to this and I just want to know what to do in all situations. And about the bald spot, they are kind of scared of me but is it alright for me to be holding them already? Thanks again for your reply!

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