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6 Years
Apr 20, 2013
Hi, I am new to this forum and after a bit of advice. I first had two chickens about 3 years ago and recently one died so I introduced 3 more hens. The new hens came from the same flock and get on but it's stressing out the older one. Tonight she went into the coup as usual but they wouldn't go in. Although they are in the fenced run I am worried they will get cold and / or a fox will get in and kill them - does anyone have any advice that can help?
Greetings from Kansas, cazza1962, and
! Pleased you joined us! You may have to put the hens in by hand...of their is no light in the coop they will leave each other alone tonight. Let them out right away in the a.m. so no one gets picked. May have to repeat this process for a couple of days until they get used to each other. Good luck to you!
Hi, welcome.
It quite often is tricky mixing flocks and roosting at night is part of it. Chooks are quite resilient and cold shouldn't be any problem unless they are wet. Predators are more of an issue. If you are really worried for their safety you can put them in the coop yourself once it is dark and they have settled. This is only a temporary solution and I only suggest it because you have a small flock but the bonus is they wake up in the coop in the morning and start seeing that as the normal place to roost.
Good luck with your new girls.
Thank you, from Wales, UK. I tried but they wouldn't stay in and the older hen made so much noise that I thought my neighbours would complain. Concerned!

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