New chicks and First Time "mom" - starter ?s


10 Years
Jun 2, 2009
So, I am going to pick up my new babies this morning (7 silkies) and I think I am ready. I have raised ducks, but this is my first time with chicks!

I went to my local TSC yesterday to pick up chick starter and all they had available was a 50# bag of the Dumor 20%. I bought that, but was in such a hurry that I never got to look at the ingredients. When we rang out, the woman ripped a tag off and, when I got home, I realized that this was the one that listed the ingredients!

I haven't been reading the best things about this brand of starter, much to my dismay. Unfortunately, that is only SINCE I bought it; now I am stuck with it. My question is this... I have been reading that I want to make sure that one of the ingredients in the starter is Amprolium and not Bacitracin. Now that I no longer have this list of ingredients, I have no clue WHAT is in my starter and am having no luck in finding anything online. Is there anyone that can tell me what is in this or where to learn and, if there is no Amprolium, how to correct that (if I need to)?

Thank you very much for your help!! I am sure I will have more questions, but I figured that this one would be good to start!
here's what I've found... The Dumor chick starter has chicken feathers as one of its ingredients. I think I would like to find a better way to get protein in the feed besides feeding chicken feathers from dead confinement birds.

I read somewhere that Dumor is made by Purina and is just a lower quality product than their name brands. There was a recall of Purina horse feed a while back and Dumor was also recalled because Purina had made it. One of the posters to this thread said TSC buys it from whoever is cheaper so it could be that Purina was just the manufacturer at that time, I don't know. If TSC is getting feed from different millers based on who is cheapest then I would think that any kind of consistency would be impossible. Maybe that's why some have bad results while some do not.

We use manna medicated, bought at rural king.. good luck hope this helps! :frowwelcome!!!
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