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    So, my sister along with the rest of my siblings and me (4 of us) are getting chickens this spring and i was wondering if anyone could help me fine the right chicken for my sis. She wants a chicken that is brownish/gold in color, medium in size and is a good layer. She herself is responsible, nice, loves petting animals and loves to draw animals so something i guess that is calm, friendly and does not mind being touched. Thanks[​IMG]
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    I suggest you extend your search. Personally I'd go with RIR, Barred Plymouth Rock. Both meet your criteria. HOWEVER, as I said, I suggest looking at more. For instance, certain birds do better if you are going to have a run instead of free ranging. If your climate gets very hot/very cold, you should look at breeds that are climate tolerant. Some birds tend to get broody more often. Some are louder than others (even the hens) and if you have close neighbors they might object.

    Good luck! It's lots of fun and you even get breakfast!
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    First thing that comes to mind is a Salmon Faverolles. They're not stellar layers, but they're decent enough. They also have beards and feathered feet, so they're unique and very pretty. They're docile and make wonderful lap chickens, so if she's wanting a pet they'd be a great breed. Google them to see some pics, they're very pretty birds.
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    Thanks for the helpful suggestions guys!

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