New chicks have arrived!


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Jul 9, 2016
Hi all. Bit of advice needed. I put 11 GLW Bantam eggs under 2 of my broody hens. 11 hatched out. 5 under one hen, 3 under the other. My question is can I take all chicks now and put under one hen or should I leave them. I would feel cruel taking the 3 off one but having a space issue .... Or would be OK to put both hens together with the babies in one run?
Sorry meant to say 8 hatched out not 11! Excitement of new chicks! They're so tiny!!
Congrats on the hatches! It would be best to leave each hen with their chicks and let them raise them. If there is adequate space, in the coop and run, so they can stay out of each other's feathers, they'll be fine.

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