New Chicks on the Farm! (Lots 'O Pics)


11 Years
Apr 2, 2008
I had ordered 25 cuckoo marans from McMurray a few weeks ago and was patiently waiting for them to come this past Monday (they did and are fine!) but last Friday I get an e-mail form the feed store - they have chicks, chicks, and more chicks!

What do they expect a girl to do when she is confronted with such a tempting offer? So I went and bought 12!

4 Ameracaunas
3 Buff Orphingtons
2 Black Australorps (I got an extra Ameracauna by mistake, but oh well those guys are adorable!)
3 Silver Laced Wyandottes

I did lose 2 marans since they arrived on Monday - 1 during shipping and 1 this morning but all in all 2 losses out of 27 is pretty good, besides, that makes up for the free rare chick (which I think was a maran anyway) and the extra they threw in.

So now I have 37 little chickie-poos running around in my barn! YAY!

All the feed store guys are below in the temporary brooder I made as I was waiting for the others to come:

This is my barn brooder after I cleaned it up - was soooo gross from last year's goslings and ducklings!



And tada! All the little boogers running around like crazy! It has been FREEZING here overnight (of course, only after I order chicks) and I had to put three heat lamps in the brooder and lower them a bit - but all those little guys have survived 10 degrees F overnight all week. The brooder seems to be working well at keeping the heat in, so I am thankful.



I can most definately see between 3-5 maran roosters - but we'll have to wait and see. They were st. run.

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