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all right you guys,, im taking everyones word that ideal is a good place to buy from,, i buy my chicks from a local lady, and have NEVER bought from the "mail",, but she cant keep up with as many as i sell,,sooooo im trying ideal, i ordered 50 RIR 2 days ago, and ordered 50 NH reds, and 50 buff orps. ,,, this better work out!! and they better be as good as im used to getting!! hehe

just wanted to tell everyone THANKS for all the info
ya i make all kinds of $ from it,,,it started out with a "gift" rooster, then 3 "gift" RIR ,, had them out in the front yard ( where i live i get alot of traffic in morning and night from people going to work) and people kept stopping asking to buy my birds,,so i FINALLY found a person who hatched em,, and i buy them from her for $1.50 , and sell them for $3 ,, and i cant keep enough here,, last week i bought and sold her last 100 chicks, and 60 guineas ,, so now i need to look for MORE birds, this weekend i had to tell over 20 people i didnt have any left for sale

but i also live on the outskirts of a city of 250k people, so i wouldnt expect that much from smaller towns.
i sell chickens, 2 kinds of pheasants, guineas, and peafowl.
and i only do it to afford MY birds,,hehe,, if they cant do work, they better be able to make money,,lol
Wow!! Sounds like you have quite the little roadside stand!!

I was hoping to get a 'bator and hatch chicks to add a few to my own flock and then sell the extras on Craigslist. Don't imagine I'll get rich, but maybe enough for a bag of feed or two!
thats the only reason i started selling,, so i could have MORE birds for me,, and they buy their own supplies hehe .
we bought 1 of those styro bators,, but i really REALLY dont like em, so we gonna buy 1 of those high hatchers from mcmurrays next week, i hope,hehe

its starting to be work, i told the wifers that i was gonna close my businesses and start a chicken farm,,hahaha
Wow!!! that was fast. I ordered through a feed store that orders from Ideal and they siad mine won't come until the 15th of Oct. I ordered 25 buff-o's. I too hope they are a good company. I can not get on their web site. How old are the chickens you sell? I live in NC. and can't possible use as many as I ordered. AT what age is it good to start selling them. The ones I have left will be pets and layers. Sigh can't wait for my first chicks Jean
TOO fast,,, im now getting the brooder ready ( was gonna wait till tonight) and getting everything together,,hehe,,, we live across the state, was expecting them tomorrow,,but i got a call from the postal dude driving the delivery truck, telling me he's almost to the P.O ,, and i could meet them there haha,,and just today i ordered 50 buff orps, and 50 NH reds,,,, they wont be ready for another month

BUT,, today made up for that,,lol
i sell mine after their a week old,,once they hit 4 months the price goes up,,, but i cant keep enough to get them that old,,haha ,, next month,, i wont let them go until their 3 weeks old,, just because of the weather, its warm warm here, so i only keep them in the brooder for a week, then they go out in the front yard.( alot of people say keep them in the brooder longer,, and i would suggest to do what they say, cause im no "chicken pro",, but i have only lost 1 or 2 birds after putting them outside.

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