New Chicks today!


8 Years
May 23, 2011
South Western WI

Got a call from the post office this morning. My second shipment of chicks is in! I am now a new chick mommy to 2 white crested blue polish, 2 silver spangled hamburg and 2 buff laced polish. I also got a Meyer Meal Maker and I think that one is also a buff laced polish as it looks the same as the other two!

They are in a divided brooder with my shipment from last week. 3 golden buffs and 3 rhode island reds. I am off to the store to get another tote today to get a second brooder set up.

Looking at the two side by side it is kind of sad to me how much my week olds have grown since last week when I picked them up
Babies are growing up so fast!
Well, congrats on the new chickies! You picked some pretty interesting breeds! I'm betting they can all go together just fine.....Chicks that are only a week apart in age integrate nicely.....

Enjoy them and take care,

Congratulations on your new babies! All of them! I am thinking the same thing. That you could intergrate the two groups if you don't already have the 2nd brooder. If you do, or you think you will utilize two in the future, then go for it! IMHO it doesn't hurt to have an extra one around in case you have to use it for a chicken hospital or jail in the future. Have fun with the little fuzzies!
LOL I can't believe the hatchery called that polish a meal maker heheheheheh more like a small snack, those silly hatcheries knucklheads will say just about anything LOL. Good luck on the new polish.
Well, I am hoping that they will integrate nicely, once the pecking stops. How long does it usually take for the larger ones to stop pecking the smaller ones... these little fuzzies are having a hard time finding their footing! I think I will wait a couple days until they are a bit older and not so wobbly and then introduce them. I do need a larger brooder if I am going to keep them in the same one, that is for sure!

As far as the meal maker - it says on the website that it can be a layer or it can be a fryer... I am guessing they did it as the layer instead! I did call and add that to my order and the lady I spoke with told me that they usually look at the order as a whole as well as your past orders to determine what exactly you are utilizing the chickens for and I have all layers so I am kind of glad they sent me an interesing breed for the meal maker
But it may just end up in soup by the end of the day if it doesn't stop cheeping so LOUD. All the others are peeping quietly and the one keeps cheeping loud and looking around like it is lost. I have seen it find water so I know that is not it and it has also been at the chick starter too, so I know it is not hungry either. Darn thing is just confused! Hoping by this afternoon it settles down a bit.

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