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Jun 6, 2010
Coleman, Wi
I've got a few questions about what to do when we get our chicks. We're getting about 15 right off the bat and my coop won't be done for a while.
They will be inside the house, somewhere and I need to know how much room they need, how many heat lamps they should need, and if I can use sawdust instead of shavings.
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Aim for 1/2 sq. ft. per chick, so 7-8 sq. ft. pen.

If they're in the house (at least 70F), then one normal 100 watt bulb will work just fine.

Do not use sawdust, because the chicks will eat the sawdust instead of or in addition to the feed. Don't use newspaper either (causes splayed legs). Wood shavings or straw/hay work really well for bedding.

Good luck!
I have mine in a large brooder; pine shavings topped w/paper towels (saves so much work!)
I have 1 lamp, 1 thermometer, 95 the first day and then they have been hovering right about 90 the rest of this week..gonna hit 85 this second week I hope by the end of it..

the first week a large brooder is great; then they'll start jumping around such as mine are doing now..and trying to fly up lol..
we have a larger 8x8x2 brooder made out of plywood in the garage w/cardboard boxes layered and lots of pine shavings on top of that..
for when they hit about 2 wks and older til the coop is done...

GL..someone else can give you estimates on chick sizings for coops..

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