new cockerel attacked by ex batts


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Mar 8, 2010
hello i am new here and would appreciate some advice..

I have had 4 ex battery hens for 2 years now and are now very healthy and have always been friendly..

Yesterday we bought a White Pekin Cockerel (25 weeks), Pied Hen (20 weeks) and a White sussex hen (20 weeks).

The garden centre told us they should all be happy together and the cock will sort everyone out.

yesterday afternoon one of the ex batts attacked the cocks comb...

we separated the chickens and peace was resumed they all slept happily together..

yet this morning again an ex batt went for his comb and is now bleeding..

they are separated at present.. yet we only have one coop yet will get a new one if nescessary

we are unsure what to do with them tonight and in the future

Please Help:(


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Jun 14, 2008
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There is a pecking order and my bared rock hens I had before the new ones pecked and ganged up on some of the other new ones and included a rooster. I was shocked but now less so.

Sometimes you separate them but so they can still see one another and get used to the idea of each other. Some have separate pens or divide an existing one with more fence/wire. Or another option is to have the roo free range if you can and keep food and water by the run of the other and come dusk... put him in a dog kennel or something in the coop or the garage to keep him from predators.


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Aug 25, 2008
Hi Nikone,

Are you in the UK? I just get that feeling, I have several friends in England, Scotland and Wales.

You have a pecking order problem. If they are caged side by side for several weeks it will be easier for them to adjust. I pen them side by side, then finally let them all out to free range together. There is some fighting, but at night they all go back to the one pen I've left open. By the next day, thay are better behaved. Let your roo heal, then start again.

What really concerns me is that you didn't observe any quarantine period. The minimum recommended is 4-6 weeks. Chickens can easily be "carriers" of diseases, not showing any symptoms but still passing it on. Hopefully that won't be the case for you, but for more info on quarantine in the future please see the thread linked below:

Good luck, it will be worked out with time!
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