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As a member of BYC and the Ameraucana Breeders Club, I am posting some links and pictures that correspond with various ameraucana breeding projects that are underway by many ABC members. ALL OF THESE COLOR VARIETIES ARE NOT YET RECOGNIZED AND ARE STILL CONSIDERED NON-AMERAUCANA UNTIL PROPER PROCEDURES FOR RECONITION HAVE BEEN FOLLOWED. THESE COLOR VARITIES ARE STILL CONSIDERED TO BE IN THEIR DEVELOPMENTAT STAGE.

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WOW those are great looking birds sooner, my favorite is the splash weaton.
I was clerking for the judge that was judging the Ameraucanas at your national show. I saw the black gold and several other varieties and got to hear what the judge said about them, it was great. The salmons have a long way to go if they are supposed to be like salmon faverolles. It would seem that the best thing to do would be to get some dark wheaton hens and go from there. Maybe cross in a salmon faverolle or some other breed to get the color for the males. A question about the black golds: did you start with brown red and breed them from that?
Most people are confusing the Salmon Ameraucana with the Salmon Faverolle....NOT ANYTHING

Salmon Ameraucana are basically 90% white with biscuit coloring to slight reddish tints to their feathering.

Black Gold Ameraucana originated as best I can remember from crossing Brown-Red Ameraucana to Buff Ameraucana. The the F1 (first generation crosses) were crossed back over Brown-Red again. I am not sure....but think this is true. Some how genetically they pick up the lacing in the breast stronger than the Brown-Red do.
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Nice birds, Johnny. I like the Black Gold, Splash Wheaten and the Salmon. I agree, the Salmon look not much like the Salmon Faverolles. I like the hen's coloring better than the roos for some reason, but all very nice.
Anyone out there working with Birchens and Silver Blues(aka blue birchens, not Blue silvers thats a dif. colour)? I have been working on my Birchens/Silver blues for about 4 yrs now.
Would love to trade with someone to get some new blood.
Sorry, I didnt know about the differnce in color of salmon. I like the lavenders. We are getting some silver ameraucanas from Duane Urch, we have always had EEs but decided to get pure breeds. I have a question, are there any laced ameraucanas, like silver laced or gold laced? It seems like it would be pretty.
The black gold variety is black with gold lacing. I have some Birchen based bantams that I have bred into the black gold variety. These birchen based crosses to black gold have produced some silver laced birds that I am calling black silver. Here I will show you some of the pictures. These of course are bantams.
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Cool, we had a trio of birchen games and hatched out some chicks. One of the pullets was laced all over, we kept her as a pet, she was basically a white laced black, she was killed by a dog. I love ameraucanas, it will be cool to see how the cuckoo birds turn out.
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