New Coop and questions about Guinea Nest boxes?


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Is there such a thing or is it best that I provide a dark sandy place in the coop with a 12 to 15 inch wide board leaned up against the wall.

I am just now designing a new coop and the Guinea area of it will have the largest space and the largest run.

My first flock of Guineas I bought from a woman who was getting evicted. And they all happened to be boys. What a bunch of goofballs.
I later on added some Keets raised up and brought the flock up to about eleven. LOL.. I only had one female out of that whole bunch. Unfortuenately I lost them all to an influx of preditors after a really really big fire here in San Diego. Along with all my other chickens. Therefore I never had a chance to have any Guinea eggs.

So Very large coop Very large run Im hoping to raise a few... So my question about what everyone uses for nest boxes, if any
I have a large dog kennel and a board leaned against the wall that my hens have used. Both are in quiet corners of the coop. I have hay on the ground and they drag that in and make a nest. I don't have nest boxes for my chickens either....they also build their own in the coop. Happy hatching....gotta love those keets!
I keep a mixed flock of Guineas and Chickens. The Guineas fly out of the run every day to patrol the property for ticks and bugs. They have never made a nest in the Coop or Run even though they roost there, they always make a nest in the fields/hedgerows. I have to watch to see the male of the pair standing around by himself while the female is on the nest laying. Here in the Midwest, the Guineas have not been successful raising keets due to them getting wet from the morning dew and dying of hypothermia. I've had success by either incubating the eggs myself or slipping them under a broody hen, the broody hen will shelter the keets under her when they get distressed.
They probably couldnt raise them here either though my climate is probably closer to their native climate. I have eighteen acres in the high desert Very close to BLM land. The summer temps range around 100-105 with very low humidity. No grass to speak of but lots of insects. But there are lots and lots of preditors. Coyotes mostly but bobcat and Mountain lion as well. I have seen my whole flock escorting a coyote off the property.... they kept honking and pecking and rushing at him and he kept scooting away and looking back as if to say "This aint right"" I expect to loose some for sure.

But If I decide to clip wings for the summer I want to setup a comfy place for them to lay their eggs.
I was hoping some here had had some success with a design.
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