New Coop and Run from wooden fence.


7 Years
Oct 20, 2012
San Antonio, TX
Replaced the old basket weave fence with a 6' foot chain link.

Started to plant different vine species around the fence.

We have more light, breeze and can hear everything better.

Now to sorting through the pile for good wood and start building the coop and run.

I'm going to get Buff Minorca chickens for the eggs. I've read the Minorca is better for the heat.

The cold here is San Antonio is not a problem, its the heat that kills.

Lumber selection for coop and run. This is going to be rustic, NO paint.

Three old gates. They should make good flooring for the coop.

Variety of pepper plants, herbs and vegetables in pots and one small cat.

I'm getting bugs on the plants and hope the chickens will naturally take care of that.

Cut tree down for the coop. Plan to make a tractor coop, move it into the Winter sun and shade for Summer.
Had to remove this tree for a clear coop tractor run along the fence line. The tree would eventually ruin the fence also,

Brush and bad wood waiting to be burned.

I do like my eggs and don't like bugs. I'm hoping these chicken will enjoy themselves.

San Antonio allows three chickens per address with stipulations.

I'll have no roosters to keep down the noise.

He I go!

Red Barn Farms

~Friendly Fowl~
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Apr 12, 2012
Kentucky Heartland
Hello and welcome to BYC from Kentucky. Sounds like you have a lot more work ahead of you. I'm sure it's going to look fantastic. Hope you post the after images! I had to look up Buff Minorca chickens because I've never heard of that breed.


Sally Sunshine

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9 Years
Aug 23, 2012
Hello! I love that wood! look how nice and grey it is!! gonna be a purdy one!!

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