New coop and run - the two areas getting too much poop!


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May 18, 2011
The henhouse and run we just built has a couple areas attracting too much poop - or rather, poop I don't know how to clean up! The first area is at the top of the henhouse where the ladder leads up to from the run. We put a platform up there and the chickens (two 5-week-olds and one 9-week-old) sit on that *platform* to sleep about 50% of the time and on the roost about 50%. The platform becomes HORRIBLY pooped. It's just plywood - nothing on it. When they sit on the roost it's fine because they poop down into a nice bed of rice hulls. Should I nix the platform and have *only* beams up top?

The second problem: the run! We built it on top of our lawn and the grass is still there since we just built this recently. The chickens of course spend the whole day in the run, pooping everywhere. It has started to attract many flies! I'd rake it out but it doesn't seem rakeable out of that grass. Should I cover the grass with something, or just let nature eventually break the stuff down? Maybe the chickens will render the area dirt soon enough?

Im fairly new, but in my experience so far, I would say that yes, the chickens will get rid of the grass and in a few weeks the question will be null and void. Another option is to throw some scratch all scattered around and the chickens will scratch at the ground and compost the poop for you...of course it will take th egrass out too.

As for the poop on the ramp....cant help you there. I still have that problem.
I'm not sure of the proper way...but the chick and duck poo got the best of me...The run is mainly dirt with a couple patchs of grass. I just turned it all over and buried it. I also mix some of the bedding in when I do it, about once a week
What's the stocking density in your run? If you have more than 10 square feet per chicken, and use sand in the run, it's pretty easy to keep things clean and tidy. I scoop the droppings out of the sand with a reptile litter scoop taped to a long handle.
We have 3 chickens (still pullets) and the run is 32 square feet. The intent is for them to get out any time we're in the backyard hanging out or working in the garden, but until they're bigger and heavier (unable to fly, bigger against cats) they're stuck in the henhouse and this run. So, the flies are just AWFUL. AWFUL!!! We attempted to rake out their poop the other day, but this was tricky with so much St. Augustine still in there - you just get grass. We put in a bit of rice hulls, but that seems like it'll become a mess and need constant replacement. I'm leaning toward sand, as mentioned in other threads, and/or mulch. Plus flytraps. Seriously, one chicken poop seems to draw 15 flies!
shew our run is AWFUL too!
All that grass WILL break down and then it becomes really good soil that still attracts flies! I throw down the bedding from the house when I clean that out and then when it rains (and my run floods!) I throw down straw to keep them up off the wet poop mud. I went down tonight and I am frustrated with it all, makes me feel like a did a poor job building it!

However, it IS to be expected, chickens make poop and lots of chickens make lots of poop. I was thinking of trying to move my coop and them put down sand, I eard good things about that and if it gets wet, it gets solid so they aren't up to their vents in muddy poop!
I throw straw out in the run. Its seems to keep most of it clean. I had flies in the begining but they seemed to disapear. Dont know if that helped out but the run is doing well. As for the coop I started with straw but after reading many posts, I think I am going to the sand approach. Seems like it will be easier to clean and most important makes sense to me.

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