New Coop build- recommendations requested


In the Brooder
Mar 15, 2018
Monticello, MN
I'm preparing to build a new coop 16'x28' and 8' high out of pallets. I'm thinking of using the deep litter method but have concerns about the Minnesota winters. If anyone in the are uses it, I'd love to hear the pros and cons. I'm also wondering about ventilation, should it vent from N to S or E to W or does it really matter as long as it's above the roosting area and won't put a breeze on the birds? I am planning to insulate the walls and place protective mesh over the vents and below the dirt floor (if I go that route). The chickens will have about a fenced acre to free range so will spend the day outside. As soon as it stops snowing here I'm planning to start this project but would love to hear any input or tips you all can offer. TIA

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