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    Oct 19, 2010
    Hi all, Ive decided its time to make a new coop for my little flock. Their current coop was bodged together from pallets and T and G and is not the easiest thing thing to clean, and is a little on the small side. Its just an ugly cube with doors on the back.

    This time im going for the classic A frame design, with a totally flat floor that can be brushed out and power washed with no frame in the way to catch stuff on.

    What I need to know is what angle does the roof need to be to make sure there's enough space for the chooks and what floor area do i need. I have a silver Sussex, a road rock and 2 pekin bantams, and a brahama hen but im trying to sell her, but if i cant she will have to go out with the flock in the spring. Im going to add a nest box on the back if i can, but its going inside a smallish fenced off area that is their run so it needs to be able to fit in and have access for cleaning and egg collecting etc. I will take photos as I go if i can and keep you updated. Once I have measurements i will draw up a design for you all. Im looking at using u-pvc shiplap cladding as it will be very long lasting and easy to clean.

    So ive changed my mind. Ive decided a lean to style is a better use of space.
    Here is a basic drawing of the idea. The exact sizes will probably change by the time it comes to making it but this is close enough for now. Ive managed to get hold of some cladding for the outside for free and am going to use the framing and ply from the current set up so aside from fixings im hoping the cost will be minimal. will update when I get further with it.
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    1) Looks like you are setting yourself up for lots of stooping - make it higher so you can get in easier.
    2) Plan extensions on the eaves, especially on the short end. That will keep the area as a exterior protection area for shade and hawks.
    3)Assuming you have a man door on the "Long End", put 2 posts and extend a short top cover for you to stand under for your protection from rain, sun and snow.
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    The smaller birds like to roost quite a bet higher than standard size birds. I have read that they can easily get up to 6 foot (2m) roosts. So I would make it taller, tall enough to stand in and then some.

    Pitch of the roof should not matter as long as it will shed water and snow. Maybe a 2 foot drop for your 10 foot plan.

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