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13 Years
Mar 10, 2010
After having a good first year with my chickens, last spring I built an "other poutry" run. It was 10' by 10', covered in welded wire. I used 2'x3's for the framing with 5' studs and a gabled roof. I covered the roof with welded wire and a tarp and then this Fall put another tarp across the north facing wall and half of the east and west walls - enough to protect the roost bar from a north east wind. The run can be pushed (with effort) for small distances and has blocks on four corners of the lower rail with slots cut out for a large lag bolt that can be fitted with wheels.

I had planed to put turkys in there but wound up getting some Muscovies, a drake and a duck. At about a year old, one of my 7 hens died, the rest were molting, and egg productioon was way down. I decided to get a couple of juvenile hens, but the older hens would not let them eat. I was worried about them, and in desparation, threw them in the with ducks, who accepted them with very little problem. They even proteted the new hens when I let all the birds out to free range. I threw a 5 gallon bucket in the corner of the run which became a nest box. Later, one of the older hens looked very malnourished. She had been molting and the other hens would not let her eat. I threw her in with the other poultry and they are all getting along great.

This was a much easier build than the coop/run combination my other hens have. We have had a relatively mild winter so far, but the chickens seem to doing fine - any concerns from folks about a northeast winter here in northern CT?

Looks great
No concerns about very cold weather? It's going to zero tomorrow night.
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Many of my chickens and ducks choose to say outside all night. Some even roost in trees. Your birds will be just fine I'm sure!! It's snowing here and I bet the same ole ones are still in the trees tonight!
Awesome design by the way!!

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