New Coop Introduction Question

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7 Years
Apr 30, 2012
I am almost done with my coop ! My question is, do I have to actually lock the pullets up in the coop for a couple of days or if I just turn them loose in the run/coop( door open) will they know to go in at night? They range from 5 weeks to 9 weeks right now and there are 4 of them. This is exciting, I can't wait to get them into their new digs and out of the rabbit cage !!!!!
I am assuming that the coop door will be open but not the door to the chicken run. In my experience if you introduce them to their new coop first, with food and water available, then let them wander outside on their own, they will understand very quickly what to do. That being said, you may have to gently show them back into their coop at dusk for a couple of nights, but they should get the hang of it very quickly.
Yes, the door to the coop will be open all day...the run is detachable from the coop but they will be secured inside( the run and coop) for a few days to get used to it. I only let them free range in the yard when I am home. I live in FL so it's plenty warm at night and I am thinking I will leave the coop door open to the run most of the time.

That's a great suggestion, to first put them inside the coop with food and water so they know it's home.
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